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First of all fuck Brandon and the NWO/WEF!




We are carrying a painful lead time! (Over 12 months as of 11/22.)

Some times it gets shorter, sometimes longer.

It's a shitty world right now.


If you can't be patient, please do not place an order with us. Not kidding.

Most models will soon be placed into "Books Closed" status.

Our Standard Stealth and Instigator models will continue to be available to order at sale price as Special Edition "2024 Presidential Special Edition" lowers...meaning, they're great lowers for the money, but you probably won't get them until then. lolol. 


Also, despite significant inflation and material prices will remain in effect until after the Presidential Election...if they allow one. Lol.

Importantly, it looks like the fedboiz blinked and "80%" (as defined by them for decades) continue to be legal to mfg, sell, buy and own by themselves federally. They are currently pursuing an "aggregation" position, where "80%" if sold with any other part, jig, info etc. will be considered a firearm. We expect this position to fail in spectacular fashion.

After the Bruen decision, and with the diligent and aggressive work of FPC and GOA, we expect state restrictions to fall in reasonably short order as well.

Notice: We ship federally lawful products.

(State laws vary. Customer assumes all liability for local, state and Federal requirements.)


Thank you all.

The Iconic Team.

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Iconic Industries specializes in 80% lower receivers, uppers and accessories for the AR-15.

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